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The aim of our Council-led art projects was to highlight and promote local people, local achievement and local spaces.

Throughout Camden 50 we organised a number of ‘Satellite Projects’ with partners and residents from the borough. Explore the Satellite Projects below.

Celebrating the first 50 years of Camden in 2015

Democracy, Innovation and Radical Thinking were the key themes that led the Camden 50 programme. These core ideas shaped a year-long celebration of Camden, focusing on its people, places, history and the next 50 years.

Find out more about the year’s activities or the individual projects.

Core Art Projects

Torquil  Norman Leica219

ReStage invited audiences to re-enact some of the most important scenes from Camden's history of radical theatre in replica stage sets and costumes.


Walls on Walls worked with three communities in Camden to create a brand new art work for and about their estates.

Ladies Front Cover

Ladies of the Press* explored the history of women in Camden by democratically producing 8 zines on the go, and in situ with Camden50...


RADA MA students performed classic and newly produced scripts all over Camden.


For Camden50 we are showed 5 classic film that have been shot on location in Camden.


The Camden Tour Guides Association led a series of tours inviting audiences to explore the Borough.

Satellite Projects

Half N Half 2

A final event to mark the end of eight months of celebrations for Camden’s 50th anniversary.

Mayor-Larraine-Revah Camden-50-moment1

To celebrate the half way point of the Camden50 celebrations we hosted a party on the Roundhouse Beach which included live music courtesy of the...


A commemorative programme showing highlights from the year's event and our top 50 Camden facts!

IMG 2654

In the Camden50 year The British Library hosted an exhibition looking back at the Magna Carta. As part of the years celebrations they also wanted...


Senior archivist for Camden Council, Tudor Allen, highlights key events in the history of the borough.

Camden  Arts Centre Talk

A special talk by Sir Nicholas Serota, Director at TATE, and artist Jeremy Deller to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Camden Arts Centre


To celebrate the Borough and the people who are at its heart, the Volunteers Awards were a special Camden50 acknowledgment of our incredible volunteers sector.

Anne Clements

Photography competition with National Portrait Gallery to celebrate the 50th  anniversary of Camden.

16x6 5 96dpi

A public reciting of our Deceleration for Human Rights at The British Llibrary

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