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Now LIVE: The First Issue of Demo Press!

Demo Press Dispatch 1
The completed zine photographed on the night.

Following the launch at House of Illustration, we are very excited to present our first Demo Press dispatch! Created partly at our workshop with fellow Camden50 commissioned artists and candid interviews, the zine was created live during the launch on 1 April and it includes scribbles, anecdotes and some unexpected encounters!

Demo Press Dispatch 1 is available for download here, though we realise it's not the same as holding a zine with a silver sheen...

The Press Desk
The Demo Press desk in all its rainbow coloured glory.

#DemoPress Dispatch 1, featuring:

  • Stereotype and Gendered Violence: Ladies of the Press* in discussion with Caitriona Scanlan and Dr Deepak Kaur Hora
  • Candid interviews with #Camden50 commissioned artists: Dmitri Galitzine, Elly Clarke, and Walls on Walls (Tullis Rennie & Laurie Nouchka)
  • Live content from House of Illustration!

Fun facts:

The logo for Demo Press is based on the typeface Blenny, designed by Spike Spondike at Dalton Maag. The cover paper we are using throughout the project is Peregrina Majestic Moonlight Silver, 120gsm by GFSmith.