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Camden Encountersby Elly Clarke

Elly Clarke collected 25 ‘Sticky Memories’ about Camden by residents and visitors to explore how physical spaces are remembered and experienced after making of the memory.

Project Description

A city is more than the sum of its parks, buildings, streets or waterways, or museums, theatres, exhibitions and events. It is made up also of memories. Memories that are generated everyday - some self-consciously (a lovely day that is planned), others by accident. And of these memories, some stick and reoccur every time that location is visited, some don’t. In some ways there is no rhyme or reason which memories stay, and which other ones fade.

For Camden’s semi-centennial celebrations, artist/photographer Elly Clarke collected 25 of these memories at the sites to which they belong through a series of encounters with people who live/d and work/ed in the Borough. She gathered on-site audio recordings and photographic portraits of the people she met, as well as a video portrait of the location itself. The project included people who have contributed to making the Borough what it is today with these memories forming an alternative Camden-resident-driven audio-visual map of the city for others to access. 

Elly Clarke is interested to see whether a stranger’s memory could be catching, influencing how others see and experience a particular spot in the future.

About the Artist

Elly Clarke

For Camden 50 Berlin and London based artist Elly Clarke will be working on a project entitled where she will collect ‘Sticky Memories’ from residents of Camden. As an artist and photographer Elly is interested in the changing face, experience and role of the physical object and body in our increasingly digitally-mediated and experienced world. She explore these ideas through a range of media, including photography (analogue & digital, mobile phone pictures & screengrabs) video, drawing, performance, audio, music, writing, curatorial and selling projects.

Many of Elly’s participatory projects place an emphasis on (face to face) conversation and include projects with East London Council Estate neighbours for , where she asked her neighbours to take pictures from and inside their flats, to passengers on the Trans Siberian Train, . will continue this exploration into communities and the voices and stories that make them up.

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Camden Encounters:Features & Highlights

Camden Encounters: Project Articles


People / Portraits & Places by Elly Clarke


​Catching Ideas, Writing Rules by Elly Clarke

WALLS-ON-WALLS Screen-Shot-2015-03-26-at-17.28.57

Camden 50 Artist & Partner Encounters by Elly Clarke

MaryAllen Leica04

Some People I Have Met Over the Past 2 Weeks by Elly Clarke

EllyClarke-with-Ruth Screen-Shot-2015-03-27-at-14-25-14

A history of oral histories in Camden by Elly Clarke

View from Bus 24, with Hannah Morris.

Encountering and Capturing Sticky Memories by Elly Clarke


Elly Clarke's Camden Photos by Elly Clarke

EllyLeicaHaircutSelfies200315 005 1

Curator Questions by Elly Clarke


Blustons: Meeting Michael Albert as the last Mannequins were being sold by Elly Clarke


Slide Show of Portraits of All 26 Encounters I have Had so Far by Elly Clarke

IMG 9669

Assisting Elly #Sticky Memories by Kaajel Patel by Elly Clarke


The Changing Shops of Camden by Kaajel Patel by Elly Clarke

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