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#10 Ubah Egal / The Roundhouse / 2000-2002

Ubah Egal at The Roundhouse, May 11th 2015. Photo: Elly Clarke

I got in touch with Ubah Egal via the Camden Somali Cultural Centre, where she works. When we spoke on the phone, in response to my request for a 'sticky memory', The Roundhouse came up immediately. A similar age to me, Ubah's two years working at The Roundhouse during its development phase in the early noughties, when the offices were in Portacabins in the mud in the car park and ideas were still ideas rather than reality, were incredibly important for her - personally, professionally and politically; inspiring her not only then but still today.

Ubah's pin-pointed sticky memory refers to watching the events of 9/11 on a telly in the Porter's Portacabin (a memory, which, funnily enough, Torquil Norman, founder of the Roundhouse also relayed to me later, separately). But alongside this memory are a host of other anecdotes and visual descriptions about opportunities for young people, the possibility for art and theatre to effect change, Torquil Norman as a boss and pioneering founder of the organisation, being Muslim in Britain - before 9/11 and after.

It was a great pleasure, very inspiring and also a lot of fun! to meet Ubah. The video was shot to imagine the mud and the portacabins - a long way from how the building looks today!

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