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#12 - Mohammed Joynal Uddin / Regents Park Estate / 1975 / 1992

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Mohammed Joynal Uddin at The Bengali Worker's Association, May 2015. Photo: Elly Clarke

I met Mohammed Joynal Uddin in the offices of West Euston Partnership on Hampstead Road, where we spoke for about an hour. Then he drove me around the Regent's Park Estate, which he moved to in the 1970s with his family, and where, over the next forty years he played (and continues to play) a key role in galvanising his community in order to improve it - through collaboration with the council and other partners, cross-faith partnerships, work and social events with elderly as well as young people and physical improvements to the buildings and green spaces. In 1992, together with other members of the community, Joynal founded West Euston Partnership through which continued improvements and support networks could be hosted and organised.

We ended up at the Bengali Worker's Association, where I got to meet Faruk, who linked us up with Joynal in the first place, and heard more about changes the community has witnessed, and driven, over the past forty years. I also got a really good cup of tea.

We made the video on the drive. The stories Joynal told me in the upstairs office of West Euston Partnership were given a context: past & present, along with some glimpses of the future (the High Speed Rail, for example), merged.

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