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#15 - Tal Elboher / Transition Salon / 2012

Tal Leica165
Tal Elboher outside his salon at 12 Warren Street, May 2015

I met Tal on a (what I thought was a)n Easyjet (he insists Ryanair!) flight from Berlin to London in about 2009, maybe '10.. He was on his way back from a weekend spent mostly in Berghain, and I was going to the UK for some reason I now forget.

Since then Tal has cut my hair. Between then and now I have been based in Berlin, Birmingham, Colchester and London and he was cutting hair in three different salons.

In December 2012 Tal found the site of his first own salon - Transition on Warren Street. We met on the Bank Holiday Monday at the end of May and, sitting out the back of the salon, he told me about finding the salon, the first haircut he ever did, good memories of Camden, and his philosophy of hairdressing altogether. Plus an acapella track from DE9 that was particularly influential to Tal - both for his life in London at the time and for hairdressing. (I recommend listening to Tal against the backdrop of this album...)

There was a fan we could not turn off, coming from the next door shop.. so please excuse the rumbling roar.

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