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#17 - Jenny / Nassington Road / 1950s

Jenny S in her garden - by Elly Clarke

I was put in touch with Jenny by Ruth Ingram, who knows her from the University of the Third Age, where Jenny recently studied Greek.

Jenny has lived on Nassington Road for years and used to run a creche from her home, looking after around three children at a time. She spoke about moving into her house in the 1950s with sitting tenants, and how she and her husband used to look after their neighbours - and how now her neighbours look after her.

She talked about how much the street and her local area has changed over the years - from the number of cars parked to the replacement of small shops with cafes, and the conversion of houses into flats. And she talked about some of the children she looked after, as well as the foster child she and her husband took in when they thought they couldn't have children of their own, only to then conceive.

We spoke in Jenny's kitchen, and later out in the garden. We made the film looking through a few photos of some of the children she looked after over the years - some of whom she says she still bumps into sometimes, others whose names she has now forgotten.

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