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#18 - Garo and Mark Keshishian / Camden High Street / 1968-2015

Garo and Mark Keshishian by Elly Clarke

I've known Mark though a good friend of mine, Iona Keen, for a few years, though I somehow never had as good chats as we managed during this encounter. We met at the place where his Dad Garo's Carpet shop used to be, which was opened in turn by his father in 1968. In a room above this shop, now a real estate office, Mark and Garo talked in detail about how Camden High Street has changed, mostly in terms of the things the shops sell. From food shops and greengrocers to leather shops to shoes.. Having both had a relationship with the street in so many years, father and son spoke in detail about the other characters who frequent the area - as business owners, residents or drunks from a local shelter, as well as, in hte case of Mark, his first gig in his rock band called Whiplash, and the gigs he still continues to play as a DJ.

We made the video walking into the shop, where, against the backdrop of bras, women's trousers and spangly tops, they spoke about how it was with the rolls of carpet there, and the piles of foam, which Mark and his friends used to dive into.

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