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#2 - Councillor Ali / Camden Town Hall / 1984

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I met Councillor Nasim Ali at his office in Marchmont Street and we walked together to the Town Hall. Former Mayor of Camden, Ali was the first Bangladeshi and first Muslim mayor to be elected in Camden - as well as, at the age of 34, the youngest in the UK. He took me into the Council Chamber, which he first went into in 1984, aged 15, bringing food to the Bangladeshi community, which was occupying the Town Hall in protest against the shortage of access to decent housing following the tragic death of a family by fire in the B&B where they were living.

This was the first time Ali had reflected about the occupation back in the space itself. He directed me to shoot the video to bring to mind how people were sleeping between the chairs, on the upper and lower levels, and recalled the sound of the children crying, and the smell of the food, and the crowdedness that came with so many people living so close together in such close quarters.

The Council Chamber / 24th March 2015
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