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#8 - Jane Giles / The Scala / 1988-1992

JaneGiles07 editedFORWEB
Jane Giles outside the Scala, May 2015 by Elly Clarke

Jane Giles was the programmer at The Scala from 1988 to 1992 - when in her early 20s. Our Encounter took place on a Monday evening in May at 5.30pm outside the Scala, as buses roared by and the wind wangled into my iPhone speaker. Jane spoke of the films that screened there, the characters who came, and the two cinema cats, Lee and Houston. Among other things.

At the end of the interview we were allowed in to look at the foyer, where Jane talked of her stickiest memory being that of the steps - from spilt beer.

We made the film to show the building from top to bottom - a facade that is largely unchanged since that time.

Jane is just completing a biography of these Scala days - due to be published soon. Bound to be a fabulous read.

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