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#9 Danny Birchall / The Brickies Steps / 2000-2005

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Danny Birchall on the steps of 30 Gresse Street, more fondly known as 'The Brickies Steps'

I met Danny Birchall in March, making a rather brilliant monster out of plasticine as part of a work by Juneau Projects at a Digital Arts Day organised by The Space in Birmingham. I commented on how brilliant his monster was. Mine was less good. It turned out he had more recent experience with plasticine than me.

Danny's sticky memory is on the steps 30 Gresse Street, more fondly referred to as the 'Brickies Steps', where he and his colleagues from the BFI used to sit and drink pints bought from The Bricklayers Arms next door. The BFI was going through some problems at the time, and Danny played an active role role as a trade unionist, negotiating with management and so on. His memories were of social times as well as political. And the video was made of the walk from the BFI headquaters on Stephen Street, to the steps on Gresse.

Today Danny still works in Camden, at the Wellcome Collection.

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