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#19 - Oliver Chan / Roundabout / 1993-1998

Oliver Chan outside Roundabout on Cubitt Street - by Elly Clarke

Oliver Chan is a painter. We met as quite a big team that day - me, Kaajel and Libby who was filming us that day - outside Hotel Chocolat at St Pancreas, from where we walked to Rollercoaster childcare centre on Cubitt Street, where he spent time during the school holidays between 1993-1998, between the ages of about 6 and 12. Oliver's sticky memories focussed on the food they served there, watching the cars go by and being on the swings. He also spoke of how he didn't really like playing so much in those days. How he was in his own world back a lot of the time as a child, but how now things are different.

Today Oliver works at Oliver's Village Cafe in Belsize Park, for which he bakes pretty amazing looking cakes, and also paints - scenes often of Camden - which you can see on his Tumblr.

The video was made of him walking up to the gates and looking in.

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