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#4 - Tamar Levi / Colonel Fawcett / 2010

TamarLevi18 edited forweb

Tamar Levi founded Camden Creative Colony in 2010 to provide anyone who worked with words in any serious capacity a context within which to gain feedback from fellow writers. Having visited a number of other writer's groups in London and elsewhere, Tamar realised she wanted something that focussed specifically on the craft of writing. It was a space to which authors - whether their words described philosophy, recipes, children's ghost stories or poetry - could bring their work in progress to be read out loud by someone they didn't know in order to then workshop it. Our Encounter took place upstairs at The Colonel Fawcett, in the room where the Colony first met - to which, on the first session, 77 people turned up.

Although my assistant Kaajel Patel first made contact with Tamar, it turned out that we had a close friend from Berlin/Birmingham in common - Leila Mukhida. So part of our conversation was also about her.

Tamar directed me to make the film to mirror how it was to first enter the room, as though to arrive at one of the group meetings. Tamar also tells the story of the man after whom the pub was named - Colonel Fawcett, who died in one of the last formal duels fought in the country, in 1843, which took place in a field outside The Brecknock Arms in Camden Road, and was brought to this pub to die in, apparently the upstairs room where we met.

Tamar and I then walked together to The Camden Coffee Shop on Delancey Street, as her suggestion of a future Encounter I should have - with the man who works there. It was Sunday though, so the shop was closed. But we took our group photo in front of it.

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