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Final reflections: Camden Tour Guides

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Charlie: What have you learnt about Camden / your project topics during this Camden50 year?

Guides: You can check out our top 50 Camden facts in the Camden50 Retrospective here!


Charlie: What do you think Camden will look like in 50 years’ time?

Guides: It will continue to be the cultural heart of London, attracting artists, performers and writers. Its large student community will keep the focus on emerging trends and the multi-racial and multi-cultural mix will ensure an active café culture. We also hope Camden will be internationally recognised as a centre of knowledge and start-ups; specifically in health (UCL, RFH and Crick).

Hopefully the challenge of providing truly affordable housing within a central London borough will have been overcome so that there is a genuine mixed community. If not Camdenwill lose its diverse and edgy nature.

We also see an opportunity to create another King's Cross-style area around Euston station and to consider sustainability issues more - we've already a good position, but should improve.Traffic will be electric, and more roads will be closed or underground or replaced by public transits - freeing the Euston Road to be a linear park!

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Charlie: What has been your favourite part of Camden50?

Guides: Meeting and working with other colleagues whose enthusiasm for and knowledge about Camden was as unbounded as our own.


You can find out more about the Camden Tour Guides on their website, Facebook and Twitter pages.