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ReVisiting Radical Theatre

IMG 3892
Street Theatre on Camden High Street with some of tour participants

Last weekend in the sunshine a small group of us took to the street s for a Camden Tour Guides walking tour of the history of Radical Theatre in Camden.

Camden was one of the most, if not the most thriving centres for radical theatre after the abolition of the censorship act in 1968 thanks to its large empty buildings and hedonist spirit. Groups such as Unity Theatre, Dogs Troop, Father Christmas Union and Action Space were all part of the radical theatre movement in Camden in the 70s.

Exploring Granary Square and its history and future of theatre

The two Camden Tour Guide Pete’s took us on a walk around some of the original venues as well as spaces that represented what once was in Camden. We took in Granary Square, Camley Street Nature Park, Camden High Street and more all the way up to Roundhouse.

It was an incredibly insightful and fun tour with Pete and Pete’s energy and enthusiasm for Camden and this part of its history being contagious. Two hours in we all had the opportunity to bail out but everyone walked on for another half an hour and also stayed with the guides for tea where they told us more amazing facts about the borough and its history.

Pete and Pete searching for Actions Spaces' original venue

After a tea stop we took the bus to Dmitri Galitzine’s exhibition at Swiss Cottage Gallery which is inspired by the history of radical theatre in Camden and was the perfectly fitting finish to a really playful and interesting walking tour.

There is one more opportunity to take this tour for FREE this coming Saturday (27 June 11am Kings Cross Station concourse by the Meeting Point) where you’ll end at Swiss Cottage where you can get your commemorative photograph taken for FREE in ReStage!

IMG 4109
Tour Guides Pete and Pete at ReStage