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Adventures in Cycling: The Demo Press Cycling Issue with Camden Tour Guides


September has been an exciting month in Studio LOTP* as we finally made a début on the streets of Camden with our matching pink bikes! We joined the lovely Camden Tour Guides members Amber Raney-Kincade of American Tour Guide in London and Anne Tickell on a stroll around Hampstead producing the cycling issue of #DemoPress...well, of course, we were manically typing and cycling while the participants strolled along!

The two events were technically the same walk, but of course, no two events are the same: each having a different feel and vibe, the resulting two 'scroll' publications gives quite a different angle to some of the same people and spots. We even found ourselves a bit too overexcited that our second instalment of the publication was so long the printer could hardly cope!

IMG 1198
An amazing moment when Amber was telling us all about Maggie, the local florist who sold flowers at this spot for 60 years: "I knew Maggie!"
IMG 1189
Investigating the plaque for Daphne du Maurier.

The Demo Press Cycling Dispatches with the Camden Tour Guides are available below:

6 September 2015: Cycling Dispatch 1
26 September 2015: Cycling Dispatch 1.1

IMG 1208
We love these little printers: we can turn ourselves into an on-demand press desk for curious souls who shared our lunch table! And yes, that's Renée sans costume.
IMG 1203
We even ran into an old classmate while we were grabbing lunch in Hampstead...