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Demo Press Clippings: Finding Herstory at Camden Arts Centre


Hello from the Camden Arts Centre's Artist's Studio! We are resident here for one week at the centre which, like its borough, is turning 50 this year and boasts a track record record of promoting female artists. Focusing on press clippings in particular, we are here to investigate trending press and public opinion over the last fifty years in response to art exhibited at Camden Arts Centre, re-presenting a tongue-and-cheek account of the attitudes of the times that still resonate today. Through a series of 50 edited press clippings created on site during the week, we are going to highlight an alternative history of female artists at the Camden Arts Centre from 1965-2015 in the context of 50 years of arts in the borough. The end result will be a snapshot history of artistic activity at Camden Arts Centre, focusing on key female artists and the role they played in the political, social, and cultural moments that marked each of the last five decades, bringing an often overlooked aspect of the archives. We are shedding light on the archive's contemporary relevance and asking what might still be relevant in the next 50 years.

Over the weekend of 22-23 August 2015 visitors will be invited to select and take away their own piece of alternative herstory from the printed 50 piece clipping collection that the Ladies of the Press* have assembled during the week: alterations and amendments included, of course. Come join us! You can keep up to date as we find stuff during the week on Twitter via #DemoPressClippings.

For those of you who missed us at the Camden Arts Centre, you can download our full Demo Press Clippings issue and share herstory!