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Demo Press Dispatch 2: Feminism and Activism. Out now.

Ana representing #DEMOPRESS!

Last Thursday saw us jumping in and reporting from a panel discussion organised by the fantastic London is Fem, with the added drama of Ana representing Ladies of the Press* on her own while Renée compiled the pamphlet while being stranded in Berlin (thank goodness for live streams)! We are pleased to bring you our second dispatch, which documents a sliver of the lively discussions that took place at Feminism & Activism: How can we create change? Well done to all the fabulous panelists; we are hoping this is only the first of many!

#DEMOPRESS Dispatch 2 featuring;

  • A Bush (and everything else!) of Our Own: The hypocrisies of female body representation in the media by Ladies of the Press*
  • Live content from ‘Feminism and Activism’, 14 May 2015!

Demo Press Dispatch 2 is available for download here.

Meanwhile, have you seen us on the cover of Camden Magazine? It's all happening for us this month with #Camden50!

Ana with the panellists at the end of the night.