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Demo Press Dispatch 3: Day 1 at King's Cross Knowledge Quarter feat. the Next Generation


We've just come back from our first day of performing at the King's Cross Knowledge Quarter's 'Curious?' festival.

The cover of our third instalment of #DemoPress features a nod to an old TV series you might recognise - though it's not Captain Pickard we're thinking of, we've been chatting to the next generation, quite literally! Demo Press Dispatch 3: The Education Issue looks at the issues surrounding education that Britain faces today. We spent the day asking visitors to respond to what they think, and we were pleasantly surprised to find impassioned drawings and commentaries from children, university students as well as grown ups.

Click here to read Demo Press Issue 3: The Education Issue. It's hot off the press!

We're performing tomorrow between 11AM-5PM at The Lab, a lovely dome-like tent just outside of Dishoom (which we highly recommend, as an aside). One down, one more to go! Tomorrow we will be looking at issues surrounding life after school, yes, the world of employment...!