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Demo Press Dispatch 5: 'Let's Talk About Sex, Baby'


On Thursday 23rd September 2015, the Camden & Islington Young People’s Sexual Health Network had it's launch event at north London's LIFT and we were there to help promote this great service to young people. The network is a partnership between Homerton University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, The Brandon Centre and Brook and offers support to young people (under the age of 25) with anything and everything to do with sex: Sex and relationship education, professional development for young parents, family planning advice, sexual health clinics, STI advice and HIV support networks, and even a bit of fun with sperm shaped key rings and DIY condom medals!


A roomful of experts in the field of sexual health was abuzz with talk about sex, covering both serious and frivolous ground. Tables were set with discussion questions tackling everything from 'sexual pleasure' to 'HIV' and how sexual health affects young people today. The bingo session was definitely one of those 'how well were you listening?' tests where networking and exchange of expertise was encouraged.


The highlight of the evening were amazing performances by young musicians from The ROUNDHOUSE Songwriting Experiment Project, from local Camden and Islington schools and even more young performers called Jo-Jo Re’em and friends. The musicians made the older audience giggle with embarrassment with their frank lyrics about sex and moved them with darker lyrics about sexual abuse, adapting blues songs right up to date. They were absolutely amazing and more than ready for their own hipster, beat poet, post-suffarigette style gig at the ROUNDHOUSE. We will look out for these rising stars!


Demo Press Dispatch 5: Camden & Islington Young People’s Sexual Health Network OR 'Let's Talk About Sex, Baby.' also features an on-the-go article about contraception and sexual liberation by us asking: 'Has sexual liberation really happened?' Well, as the Salt N Pepa song goes, "let's talk about it..." (c) Salt N Pepa 'Let's Talk About Sex'