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The Magic Wand Lands in Wellcome Collection's Reading Room!

The Press Desk. The catsuited Lady of the Press* pictured here is Renée.

We just adore Wellcome Collection's Reading Room situated in bustling Euston. The space is a reading room, an events venue and a museum all at once. It is full of amazing books available to browse freely and plenty of lounging nooks and crannies, complete with a bright red stairway lined with beautiful cushions that use textile design inspired by Biochemist Dorothy Hodgkin's Insulin drawings made in the 1930s. You are even encouraged to strategically leave annotated bookmarks for other exploring souls to find, true to Wellcome Collection's ethos of being a haven for the 'incurably curious'.

Being big fans of the space already, you can imagine we were over the moon when we were invited to perform in the space last Saturday afternoon!

For our final public #DemoPress for Camden50, we decided to take on two out of the 10 themed sections of the curated Reading Room: Mind and Body. Focusing on women's contributions to art, science and culture over the last fifty years, we rummaged through the bookshelves and displays. The two of us individually researched a topic from the sections, Hysteria and Tattoos respectively, writing an article each for the zine. We then invited the public to join us by taking our new Magic Wand scanners and exploring the Mind and Body sections of collection themselves and asking them to tell us what they had discovered in turn. A zine making frenzy ensued, we had everyone from three year olds to 60 year olds eagerly scanning, chopping, writing and chatting–all day long!

Read Demo Press Dispatch 6: Mind and Body here.

These two lovely ladies came around, went off to the cafe for a spot of tea, and came back to spend a long time writing a text about insomnia together.

Designed by Architecture studio AOC, the Reading Room is a liberating space for both kids and fully grown adults to browse, explore and discover (and cuddle up in the cushions when you get tired). Read more about the space here.