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Venus Film Screening with Kevin Loader

Kevin Loader

This Saturday (6th June) saw the second Camden 50 film screening at The Hospital Club. This month we enjoyed the comedy-drama Venus introduced by the producer Kevin Loader.

Venus was shot almost entirely in Kentish Town and features engaging and sensitive performances from Peter O'Toole, Leslie Phillips, Richard Griffiths, Vanessa Redgrave and Jodie Whittaker. Although it's sharp and witty film essentially about a horny old actor, it's also a subtle and unblinking portrayal of ageing.

Before watching the film, the audience were treated to Kevin's rather amusing memories of making a film with 'older' actors. He told us that, while it's true all film stars like to have their trailer parked as close to set as possible, Peter O'Toole took this to a new level. The actor insisted on having a small heated tent erected at every location where he could eat warm beef consommé. On one occasion while filming outside The National Gallery in Trafalgar Square, a young looking police poked his head into the suspicious looking tent and was rather shocked to find an angry O'Toole.

Yet in spite of his A-list requests, Peter O'Toole was a seasoned professional throughout and Kevin told of how, after breaking his hip during the Christmas break, the 75 year old was back in action just 4 weeks later.

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Peter O'Toole and Jodie Whittaker
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Peter O'Toole, Richard Griffiths and Leslie Philips

Kevin Loader began his production career at the BBC and made dis feature debut was producing Captain Corelli’s Mandolin. Since then he’s produced The History Boys, Brideshead Revistied, Nowhere Boy and, due to be released this November, The Lady in the Van starring Maggie smith, James Corden, Dominic Cooper and shot on location in Camden Town.

In spite of this impressive CV, Loader commented that he feels Venus is his best work. It's a truly moving film that showcases the incredible talent of one of Britain's best loved actors and (released in 2006) has aged really well over the past decade.

The London Print Shop 61 Grafton Road Kentish Town - London
Peter's on-screen house in Kentish Town

The next film to be shown as part of the Camden50 film programme is Me and Orson Welles and we are pleased to have Marc Samuelson join us to introduce the film. You can book your FREE ticket HERE.

Camden50 would like to thank The Hospital Club, Anna Lowe and Jane Soans for their help pulling together this programme.