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ReStageby Dmitri Galitzine

ReStage by Dmitri Galitzine re-presented stages and costumes from some of Camden's most popular and some forgotten radical theatre stage productions in the 70s. Audiences then bought them alive by being able to pose in the clothes and take to the stage.

Project Description

History itself is invisible. We can glimpse at it through paintings, stories and museums but these are only props and backdrops- the theatre of making and remembering history happens in our imagination.

This exhibition, by Dmitri Galitzine, draws upon the legacy of, as well as celebrates, the alternative theatre scene in Camden from the late 1960s to now and audiences are invited to take to the set and stage and re-think, re-imagine and re-stage these histories.

The atmosphere of political and social upheaval in the 1960s inspired a mass of radical and progressive theatre. Artists came to Camden and sought out empty buildings and derelict factories and the area soon became entangled with counter culture and radical thinking.

Many theatre companies lived communally, in squats and housing co-operatives, their work inseparable from their philosophies. Performances often took place in the public space and aimed to instigate social change and champion the rights of minority groups. Yet at the same time, these politicised productions were spontaneous, participatory and fun.

We can glimpse at this history through archives and records; the stories, posters, black and white photographs. But this is only half of the picture. It is the artist who must add colour, form and horizon. Through we are invited to re-imagine this history, with costumes and props as our guides, we author new narratives and restage archives. As our histories here literally revolve around us we are asked to consider, to what extent can we set the stage of our future?

This project is supported by Unfinished Histories: Recording the History of the Alternative Theatre Movement

Image: Inter-Action's Fun Art Bus, c1972 Photo: Rod Morrison, courtesy of Unfinished Histories

About the Artist

Dmitri Galitzine

Dmitri Galitzine is a multidisciplinary artist living in Camden. For Camden 50 he will present ReStage at Swiss Cottage Gallery, an installation and exhibition which explores Camden’s history of radical theatre. Dmitri's main interests are centred around folk culture and he works across video, performance, sculpture and photographs. Dmitri has recently released a new film, , which documents his voyage from Portsmouth to The Isle of Wight in a hollowed out giant pumpkin.

His work is made collaboratively and is often participatory. In the past, Dmitri has worked with Elvis impersonators, chainsaw carvers and lorry spotters. Recent exhibitions include at The Cob Gallery, London, at Formula Gallery, St Petersburg, at Fold Gallery, London.

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Re:Stage Research and Development by Dmitri Galitzine

IMG 7012

Unfinished Histories by Dmitri Galitzine


Action Space by Dmitri Galitzine

HRH The Prince of Wales visit to Inter-Action

Inter-Action by Dmitri Galitzine


Re:Stage exhibition taking shape by Dmitri Galitzine


Curator Questions by Dmitri Galitzine


Installing ReStage Exhibition by Dmitri Galitzine

lottery  black

With a little help from friends by Dmitri Galitzine


​ReStage: Radical Theatre in Camden by Dmitri Galitzine


ReStage actors by Dmitri Galitzine

IMG 2865

Bernard Kops by Dmitri Galitzine

IMG 3362-edit

Cindy Oswin by Dmitri Galitzine

Dmitri Galitzine - ReStage

ReStage on film by Dmitri Galitzine

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