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Bernard Kops

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Bernard Kops came and read some of his poems for an audience at Swiss Cottage Library in June 2015 as part of ReStage, an exhibition that looked at the history of Radical Theatre in Camden by local artist Dmitri Galitzine. This was the first of a series of performances that took place on reStage between June and July 2015.

Bernard Kops is one of the best-known and most admired playwrights and poets of his time. He was born in the East End of London to Dutch-Jewish parents in 1926. He achieved recognition with his first play, The Hamlet of Stepney Green, which has been performed all over the world. Since then he has written more than forty plays for stage and radio, nine novels and seven volumes of poetry. His autobiography, The World is a Wedding gained international notoriety and has been followed by his acclaimed second instalment, Shalom Bomb. He will be reading from his latest collection of poetry, This Room in the Sunlight.

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Here is a short poem by Bernard:

For You

How long, how long can lovers last?

the days, the weeks, the years fly past

And only dreams can stem the flow

As crowds and clouds just come and go.

Come and hold me, close my eyes

And open my heart and calm my cries.


May 2012

A previous recording of Bernard Kops reading his poem Two Tall Ladies