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Unfinished Histories

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Workshop at The House of Illustration

Thank you to Unfinished Histories for an amazing workshop! Dr Susan Croft and Jessica Higgs used Google maps to guide us around the streets of Camden in the 70s and 80s. We visited squats, free schools, canal boats and derelict piano factories, all of which played a key role in the radical theatre that shaped Camden's counter culture. We heard from Beryl & The Perils, who staged feminist cartoons and performances such as Is Dennis Still the Menace? based on Haverstock Hill. We learnt about the Black Theatre Co-op and Foco Novo, two companies who had a huge influence on black British theatre, both based in Camden. Gay Sweatshop was formed to stage the first gay theatre season in Britain shown at Inter-Action's Almost Free Theatre ion Rupert Street, W1 and Graeae in NW1 was the first Disabled-led theatre company who still operate today. It was a real pleasure to see Susan and Jessica's passion, expertise and years of hard work.

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Unfinished Histories meet Ladies of the Press
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Inter-Action HQ
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Jessica Higgs in The Wandsworth Warmers