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Camden Square Tenants Association


Last night I attended the Camden Square Area TRA (Tenants and Residents Association) meeting with Laurie, one half of Walls on Walls. This meeting was held to introduce Walls on Walls and the upcoming project to residents on the estate. It was hosted by John Cowley who was an incredibly interesting gentleman who shared his stories of the Camden Square Area and the history of the Tenants Association building.

Based at 1 Camden Park Road, NW1, this tenant’s room housed a million memories and highlighted what an incredible community can be found there. The walls are adorned with photographs from day trips to the seaside (they organise a coach trip once a year to the beach), Christmas parties and times gone by. John proudly points out the calendar which he made as a gift the building; it’s covered in images taken on his recent holiday.


Every Saturday they open up part of the building to a glorious cavern of bits and bobs, their weekly bring and buy, everything, John informs me, is 20p, "it keeps things simple." And my eyes glance over the curiosities and lands on a framed shell painting by Mario di Marco. He used to make the window displays in the West End, I’m informed, and was a Camden Square resident for the last years of his life, “he was very creative.”


It was great listening to everyone's reactions to Walls on Walls and the upcoming project on Camelot Estate. Please join us on 6th August at the estate to celebrate the new piece of work made by residents with Walls on Walls.

By Charlie Levine

Curator, Camden50