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Councillor Beales on Camden


A thank you by Councillor Danny Beales at Walls on Walls / Family Fun Day event, Thursday 6 August 2015

Hello and welcome officially to this great event to celebrate Camden’s 50th anniversary.

Camden was formed in 1965 after 3 boroughs, Hampstead, Holborn and St Pancras, were joining to make a single one.

It is incredible to think what has changed over those past 50 years. The types of jobs have changed dramatically; many people perform jobs today that didn’t even exist 50 years ago. We have seen areas like Kings Cross completely transformed and new technologies like computers, the internet and smart phone, really transform life. It is really important that the council moves with those times, especially online with the Camden accounts, and that it continues to do so.

Some things, however, remain the same like the history of radical thinking, of being innovative and diverse. What makes Camden special is our mix, and that mix and diversity is what makes us radical and innovative. The rich mix of groups, voluntary groups, cultural organisations and TRAs is evident across the borough.

Looking forward to the future; we know we’re facing a number of challenges, such as HS2 and crossrail 2, a difficult housing market,

further government cuts, a growing population, and a population that is getting older.

We have faced similar challenges before and we have met those challenges. We have overcome them by sticking and working together. We know there’s great strength and resilience in our communities.

Camden is a special place, a place with incredible difference – different languages, cultures, religions and neighbourhoods.

And we have a huge resource to draw on, it’s home to the British Library, British Museum, a number of universities, transport hubs for the country, wonderful parks like Primrose Hill, Regent’s Park and Hampstead Heath as well as homes to centres of science, like the Francis Crick Institute.

Camden throughout the last 50 years has had an international reputation for creativity, for music and art and we are proud of that! Camden is a great creative space home to many famous musicians who have started their careers in the Borough, like Amy Winehouse who lived a few streets away.

We see that wonderful creative history captured today through art – especially through projects like Walls on Walls. This work shows our history, it reflects how the history of Camden, our present and our future are all reflected here in our neighbourhoods.

And now a big thank you. A thank you to staff at Camden who have worked so hard to put on this event today. A thank you to all the guest stall and importantly to the artists who have created this fantastic unique art work - I'm sure you'll all agree it looks fantastic. But most importantly I want to say a thank you to you the residents of Camden. You are really what make Camden special, and you are what makes Camden a place worth living in. Here’s to another great 50 years together!