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Final reflections: Walls on Walls


Charlie: What have you learnt about Camden / your project topics during this Camden50 year?

Walls on Walls: Camden already has a rich and diverse history, which is famous at a national and sometimes global level. We learned that the more time you spend with the people of the borough, the more hidden gems of local knowledge there are to be revealed and shared. One of the estates we worked was built on the site of a reservoir - who knew?! The residents of another estate used to wash in the local public baths, and play tricks on each other shouting for more hot and cold water, brilliant!


Charlie: What do you think Camden will look like in 50 years’ time?

Walls on Walls: Our project has a keen interest in architecture, seen as a way of mapping identity and history. London is experiencing huge and rapid regeneration, some of it questionably big, fast and at times, ugly. We found that Camden has a level of resilience within the community. At a time of urban homogenisation on a grand scale, we think Camden will continue to be a beacon of diversity, retaining its cultural heritage and continuing to being new, radical and innovative in a much more original way.

Charlie: What has been your favourite part of Camden50?

Walls on Walls: Sharing stories, over tea and biscuits. Meeting the funniest, most witty, thoughtful and kind people. Hugging an elderly resident moved to tears by the new-found friendship of another resident 60 years her junior, at the end of our project. Dancing with a seven-foot lady.

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