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Laurie Nouchka


Walls on Walls is made up of artists Laurie Nouchka and Tullis Rennie, together their work is subtle and participatory focused, however as individuals they're quite different...

Here we present Laurie's independent practice, as a sports wear designer.

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"Artist Laurie Nouchka creates limited edition drawings and paintings that lift her art work off the canvas onto her uniquely designed range of fashion focused and contemporary sports-luxe wear.

Embedded in the heart of the city she draws inspiration from the iconic, urban landscape around her. In doing so she has developed a bold, architectural approach to her artwork. She has exhibited in London, Barcelona and New York and her work can be found in both private and public collections.

Infused with the expertise of fashion designers, her observational drawings of iconic buildings are translated as geometric and linear forms into repeated patterns across a range of carefully designed garments. The vibrant, abstracted prints reflect the dynamic rhythms of urban living offset by the functional, clean lines of the collection."

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