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Primed and Ready

IMG 8929

Yesterday we prepared the wall at Castle Road that residents have agreed would benefit from brightening up. It is on one side of a passageway that leads to an entrance and exit gate for the estate. The final work will be seen by residents every day, and will also be visible from the path outside the gate too.

This collaboration is audio-visual, so sound documentation is crucial to every stage of our work. Here, Laurie and Tullis chat whilst Laurie paints... then and as Modupe gets to work, she starts to reminisce about growing up in the area...

Although he seems to spend most of his time standing around recording other people working, at least Tullis is useful for the high bits:

IMG 1608

The wall is now ready to begin our visual artwork. The co-created designs have been coming along nicely upstairs.

IMG 8908

As we were walking back after finishing, John (the Castle Road Tenants Association Chair, local celebrity and our new best mate) invited us into his "shed". It was like an art installation - immaculate, beautifully ergonomic and just generally ace. We were pretty happy to see it.

IMG 1620
IMG 1628