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What is Walls on Walls?

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Tullis and Laurie at Camden50 launch event

Walls on Walls is an audio visual collaboration created by us: Laurie Nouchka and Tullis Rennie. Laurie is a visual artist who uses walls and textiles as her canvas, Tullis a composer and sound artist who likes to use recordings of our surroundings to make music from. We met in our friend’s gallery in Barcelona back in 2011 and instantly became friends. One day in Barcelona we went for a walk in the Collserola hills which look over the city. Wandering up through the forest Laurie took a sketch book and some pens, Tullis a sound recorder and some headphones. We spent the day documenting the surroundings in the way most natural to us. We realise now that we had already begun working together.

Walls on Walls is a project that stems from a few core ideals that we share. Both of us are happiest living in urban environments and intrigued by how architecture affects human behaviour and vice versa. The rapid rate of urban regeneration is equally fascinating and alarming to both of us. We are passionate about collaborating in our artistic practice, not just together but with anyone who share an interest in making shared spaces more engaging and interesting. We love learning from people and places around us.

While modern buildings often provide better facilities and functionality this can sometimes be at the expense of natural beauty and the stories that only older spaces can tell. Our artistic collaboration aims to address this by savouring and celebrating the beauty of aging walls and the generations of stories around our modern metropolis. Using these walls as our inspiration we hope to add character, life and stories to the new spaces. We celebrate, document and reinvigorate the history we live amongst. Housing estates are of particular interest to us, working with ready-made communities, often neighbours who have met. How can we use a dialogue about the changing landscape of our city, the history on our doorstep and the beauty in its diverse population to come together and create a work of art for everyone to be a part of and enjoy?

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Photo by Elly Clarke

Working in Camden is especially exciting for us. For over seven years Laurie worked as a Youth Arts producer for Camden’s Roundhouse - a landmark full of stories. Tullis has frequented Camden regularly to immerse himself in the richness it offers for a musician and composer, not just the venues and pubs! As a borough it’s history is fascinating, far and wide reaching. We can’t wait to become accustomed with the different estates we will be working with, meet the residents and discover what stories they have to find and tell.