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Walls On Wallsby Laurie Nouchka and Tullis Rennie

Walls on Walls worked with three communities (Castle Road, Medway Court and Camelot House) in Camden to create a brand new art work and sound piece for and about their estates.

Project Description

People make up a community as much as the buildings they inhabit. How does one influence the other? How do old and new contrast and collide in a rapidly redeveloping city landscape? For the Camden Semicentennial celebrations Walls on Walls highlighted exactly that.

Working with a housing estate in three different districts of Camden this audiovisual project showcased democracy at its essence. Walls on Walls celebrated the rich history and evolving identity of specific local communities and their relationships with their surrounding urban environment. Using the patterns, colours and textures of local historic walls and community oral history as a starting point, residents were asked to engage with old walls in their neighbourhood, and consider what stories those walls might hold?

From a series of workshops the residents designed and made new visual and sound artworks for the housing estates, re-contextualising the local environment and its history onto new walls. Participants co-designed and co-decided all aspects of how the new works looked and sounded. Walls on Walls encourage everyone to look, listen and absorb their surroundings with fresh eyes and ears, and to consider the historic beauty and rich history hidden in the everyday details of our streets.

About the Artist

Laurie Nouchka and Tullis Rennie

Walls on Walls is an audio visual collaboration created by Laurie Nouchka and Tullis Rennie. Laurie is a visual artist who uses walls and textiles as her canvas, Tullis a composer and sound artist who likes to use recordings of our surroundings to make music from. They met met in a mutual friend’s gallery in Barcelona in 2011 and instantly became friends. Their artistic collaboration as Walls on Walls aims to savour and celebrate the beauty of aging walls and the generations of stories around our modern metropolis. Using walls on Camden housing estates as their starting point inspiration, Walls on Walls adds character, life and stories to the spaces by collaborating with the estate residents. Walls on Walls offer residents the unique opportunity to produce a new piece of artwork for the estate, about the estate by its residents.

Walls on Walls celebrate, document and reinvigorate the history we live amongst. Working within the Camden 50 programme is especially exciting for them as they have their own roots here, for over seven years Laurie worked as a Youth Arts producer for Camden’s Roundhouse - a landmark full of stories while Tullis frequented Camden regularly to immerse himself in the richness it offers for a musician and composer, not just the venues and pubs.


Walls On Walls: Project Articles

IMG 3268

What is Walls on Walls? by Walls on Walls

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Curator Questions by Walls on Walls


Camden Square Tenants Association by Walls on Walls


Laurie Nouchka by Walls on Walls


Tullis Rennie by Walls on Walls

IMG 8850

First Day at Castle Road by Walls on Walls

IMG 8929

Primed and Ready by Walls on Walls

IMG 8968

Castle Walls by Walls on Walls


Launch Day at Castle Road by Walls on Walls

IMG 9402

First week at Medway Court by Walls on Walls

IMG 2586

Medway Movements by Walls on Walls


Medway Court Launch by Walls on Walls

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First week at Camelot House by Walls on Walls

IMG 9732

Camelot Continues by Walls on Walls

IMG 2797

Camelot House Launch by Walls on Walls


Councillor Beales on Camden by Walls on Walls


Final reflections: Walls on Walls by Walls on Walls

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