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Acts of Memoryby Alice Ross

This event marked the two year anniversary since the 60th and concluding performance of an act of memory conceived by artist Monica Ross. That 60th act took place at the 23rd session of the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva, Switzerland. It was also the day the artist died. This open recitation at The British Museum was led by Andrew Mitchelson. The first recitation of Acts of Memory was held in the British Library as part of Taking Liberties in 2008 and this was the last recitation initiated by the Monica Ross Fund. This recitation followed on from workshops in collaboration with Chickenshed Theatre, Chelsea, local schools and the British Library Youth Forum. The workshops were devised to develop a set of online resources for adults and children to use as a guide for staging Acts of Memory recitations independently as Monica Ross had wished. This work raises awareness of and increases public engagement with the breadth, depth and life work of the artist Monica Ross. This recitation constituted a fitting testament to her unique contribution to the field of experimental and theoretically engaged performance art practice. Monica Ross’s archive is now held digitally with the British Library.

Project Description

A public reciting of our Deceleration for Human Rights at The British Llibrary

Acts of Memory: Project Articles


Monica Ross: a celebration by Alice Ross

Act 56 extract

Monica Ross' final performance by Caroline Bergvall

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