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​The Camden50 Toolkit

IMG 2609
Ladies of the Press* at The House of Illustration's late night events

How to use this toolkit

This toolkit is available to anyone individually, or on behalf of an organisation or company, who is organising an event, performance, workshop or community activity in Camden in 2015 and would like it to be a part of the official Camden 50 programme.

Become part of the Camden 50 Programme:

  • Stamp your event with the official Camden 50 identity to flag it as a partnered event.
  • Promote your event on the Love Camden website, which has a monthly readership of 20K.
  • Get extra publicity - Camden 50 is promoted through the Camden magazine, which is distributed to all residents – let us know about your event and we can feature it in our local events articles.
  • Become a part of Camden's wider annual summer programme - Disover your Camden, which has additional marketing opportunities.
  • This toolkit will provide all the information you need to understand how to become part of Camden 50, including tips for wording your promotional material, a link to download the Camden 50 identity stamp for use on your promotional communications, tips for social media promotion, and adaptable templates for press releases / news items to publicise your event as part of Camden 50.

Introduction to Camden 50: What, Where, When

The London Borough of Camden celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. In 1965, three smaller boroughs - Holborn, St Pancras and Hampstead - were united to form a new and vibrant local authority now known as Camden.

To mark this anniversary, we are delivering an exciting programme of arts and engagement activities tied together by an overall theme of 50 years of democracy and innovation within Camden. As part of this programme, we have commissioned a series of ongoing projects which highlight and promote local people, local achievement and local spaces.

The programme has been running since April and will finish at the end of November, and these projects are free and available to everyone. We hope that 2015 is a year that illuminates the past 50 years of Camden as well as looks forward to the next 50!

IMG 2654
The British Library's My Digital Rights project at the Youth Council's Shout Out Event

How can you get involved?

We want you to get involved with the 50th anniversary celebrations! Alongside our council-run projects, we are welcoming anyone who wants to become part of the official programme of events to add their event to the billing. We hope that the Camden 50 programme will create a shared sense of community and celebration by encouraging residents and visitors to celebrate all that Camden has to offer. With so many great events, performances and workshops within the borough, it’s an ideal way to unite them together under one heading.

Adding your events to Love Camden: is the ultimate guide to events, shopping, culture and going out in Camden. As part of our wider annual Summer Programme, Camden 50 has a designated section with listings of all events taking place as part of the anniversary – so why not add your event to become part of Camden 50 history! Follow the easy how to guide and be sure to mark clearly in the heading that your event is for Camden 50. Once we have approved it, it will appear on the website and you can include the link in all your promotions.

Is your event eligible?

We welcome a variety of events for Camden 50, so if your event ties in with our overall theme of innovation and democracy in Camden, or if you think it showcases Camden in another way, upload it for consideration. Events should take place within the borough of Camden between April and November 2015.


So… you’ve decided to make your event a ‘Camden 50’ event. What now?

Take a look at our messaging guidelines to find out how you can let everyone know about your event, including downloadable templates and tips for messaging.

Welcome to Camden 50 - let the celebrations begin!

Telling people about your event – tips and downloads

Celebrating Camden

If you’re not sure where to start in communicating your event, why not begin by pointing out what makes it unique - why should people come, what’s on offer? You can then point out that your event is part of a wider programme celebrating the 50th anniversary of Camden. Highlighting that your event is part of something larger could help generate interest and encourage a sense of occasion.

Inclusive Camden

We hope there will be something for everyone within the programme and aim to be as inclusive as possible. We suggest highlighting in your messaging if your event will appeal to everyone (for example, suitable for all ages), if there are any restrictions (for example, not suitable for under 5s) and any provisions that you have in place that people need to know about (for example, wheelchair access available). Also try to be as descriptive as possible, so people know what to expect on the day.

The Camden 50 identity stamp
We have created the Camden 50 stamp to make events easily identifiable as part of the wider programme, so please feel free to use this on your communications about your event. Why not create a poster or flyer for your event and add the camden50 identity stamp? You can upload this to your event listing on Love Camden.

Social media
We’re celebrating everything Camden 50 using #Camden50 on Twitter and Facebook. When using social media to promote your event, get involved in the conversation by using this hashtag to mark it as a Camden50 event. For a wider reach, you can also use #boroughs50.

Camden Council and Love Camden have their own handles – @camdentalking and @lovecamden – so tweet us and we’ll share your message to generate even more conversation and engagement.

News and press templates

To provide you with some tips with how to market your event as part of the Camden 50 Programme, we have created templates for a news item and a press release, which you can adapt to fit your own event.


Download - Camden 50 identity stamp (jpeg)

Download - News item

We look forward to seeing your event on LoveCamden, have an amazing Camden 50!

For full details of the Camden50 Programme: Visit or use the hashtag #Camden50 or add your own event to