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Youth MP Hannah Morris on Camden Shout Out


In April 2014 I was elected to be the Youth MP of Camden. I was extremely shocked and grateful to hear the result and couldn't wait to begin work with my deputies, Sarah Ryan and Shahel Ahmed (see below). We had a record turn-out of more than 2,500 young people voting. The past year has been extremely busy, but also very productive.

My latest project has been the upcoming Shout Out event on 7 April 2015, which gives the young people of Camden the chance to get involved and have a say in their local community. I hope that as many young people as possible will take this opportunity to get their voices heard and our interests protected.

Camden Shout Out, held at UCL Academy in Swiss Cottage, will consist of workshops for young people to express their views and raise awareness of issues. This year’s event is particularly important, as it is a General Election year. All 18 year-olds should use their vote in this election on 7 May as the decisions of those elected will have a major impact on everyone’s lives, including young people. However, because too few young people actually use their vote, politicians pay less attention to their interests and needs and concentrate more on the older generations who do use their votes, such as pensioners. Politicians won’t change their agenda to include our needs unless we use our say.

I have also campaigned for 16 year-olds to be given the right to vote. They are affected no less by the decisions made by politicians. At 16 you can fulfil many tasks to please the government: pay tax, join the army, work, have children and get married (with parental consent) but they won’t permit us the right to have a say in who represents us and our views. At 16 you can marry your MP, have the children of your MP but not vote for your MP!

I would like to urge the young people of Camden to come to the Shout Out event, discuss issues like this and together we will make our voice heard. Just download a registration form here.

My work so far has been exciting and beneficial - and it is nowhere near stopping yet. If there is anything you, or any other young people in Camden, want help with or need me to support, just get in contact. Furthermore we are still recruiting for the Youth Council, so any eager new members are very welcome - again just get in touch

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